Day 6 – Looking into the future

Mosaic reporters Jacky Tsang, Megan Robalewski, Sara Ashary and Semira Sherief enjoy some free time in newsroom. // Photo by Mosaic staff

Mosaic reporters Jacky Tsang, Megan Robalewski, Sara Ashary and Semira Sherief enjoy some free time in the newsroom. // Photo by Mosaic staff

By Sara Ashary, Mosaic Staff Writer and part-time clairvoyant

(Editors Note: Saturday is usually a slow day in the newsroom, so we’ve allowed Mosaic staffer Sara Ashary to take a hypothetical look into the future of Mosaic’s 2015 class)

So today I did a lot of writing but the most interesting thing was predicting with my Mosaic squad where we each will be in 20 years. Here we go…

Steezy and Hannah: We decided to put them together because their futures will be alike. They each are going to be with someone that is like a hippie and/or an animal lover. Their families will go to music festivals and take many photos.

Sara: I think I will become an accountant.

Aysha: She will become a successful podcaster and talk about Middle Eastern problems and give a whole new view to everyone.

Joelle: She is going tp be like the next Melinda Gates. She is going to be smoking rich because her husband is like a computer genius. She is going to do yoga in the mornings, wear nice expensive simple dresses. She will do a whole lot of charity work while being super smart. She will be a very influential activist.

Jacky: Jacky is an interesting man, so he will take life as it goes.

Tomas: He is going to manage the Earthquakes with like a bluetooth on his left ear and a clipboard in his hand. AKA Making bank.

Noah: One look at Noah and you will understand: He will be an Anchor Man for channel 4 news.

Rachel: National Geographic Photographer that travels around the world. She will wear khakis and green cargo jackets with red toms.

Kaitlyn: She is going to have a PhD but have no idea what to do with it. She will probably end up alright and make herself a great life, living in Palo Alto.

Semira: Semira is such a beautiful soul. I see her marrying a celebrity (like Chris Pine). There will be pictures of her wearing sunglasses, Starbucks in her hand and yoga capris.

Matt: Famous Novelist, like the next John Green. Touring around the country for his new book.

Adele: She is going to be like a CEO. Like imagine her coming into our reunion and she is wearing a pencil skirt and talking on the phone, screaming at her assistant for giving her the wrong fax.

Megan: Megan is going to live that American life and live that high class life. There be a white picket-fence home with two kids. She will drive a Mercedes.

David: David is going to be doing some freelance photography and live alone in this really boyish apartment.

Shannon: Holy guacamole! I do not even know. Maybe the first Asian-American president. She is independent and smart.


Day 5 – A surreal day in Oakland

Mosaic staff writer Tomas Mier interviews a Warriors fan outside the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center. // Photo by Robert Salonga

Mosaic staff writer Tomas Mier interviews a Warriors fan outside the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center. // Photo by Robert Salonga

By Tomas Mier, Mosaic Staff Writer

“Wakey Wakey.” It’s what David said as he walked into my room at 6:10 Friday morning, 20 minutes before we were supposed to leave to go to Oakland for the Warriors Victory Parade. The night before I had a plan for that morning: wake up at 5:45, put on some sunblock, get some Starbucks coffee and then head out to Oakland.

This would’ve happened if I hadn’t set my alarm to 5:45 P fricking M…

Still half-asleep, David, Rachel, Sara and I headed out to downtown Oakland. People packed the streets. The atmosphere in Oakland felt a lot different. For some reason, I didn’t feel the tension and fear I usually feel when entering the city.

Rachel and I stuck around at the rally area where people with lawn chairs sat out there since 2 AM.

The dedication and love these fans had for their Warriors was incomparable. Many skipped work, spent lots of money, and one guy even flew out from Dallas just for the parade and rally.

By the time I finished my interviews, I was hella hungry. I left Rachel for her to take some photos and I went to look for some food. Luckily, I found one of those Mexican guys who sell the “churros” with tapatío and limón… so much for breakfast.

I met up with Rachel again and went to the press area. We were going to be so close to the stage. I was super pumped.

After sitting in the sun for like forever, the ceremony began and we were SUPER close to the stage. Stephen Curry was like 10 feet from where we were.

As the politicians, owners, and players gave their speeches, fans yelled at the top of their lungs. I was particularly captured by the crowd’s spontaneous yells of “STAY IN OAKLAND!” This team is definitely an Oakland team.

Some players gave speeches and goofed around on the stage. They had fun and that vibe transmitted into the crowd where people punched around a big beach ball.

Riley Curry was one of the stars of the rally. The two-year-old played games on her dad’s phone and was just my favorite person. When her dad came up to the podium, Riley came along and started to sing “Blessings” by Big Sean. Everyone loves that kid, I even saw a sign saying “Riley for MVP.”

Overall, this rally was so awesome. I don’t know how to describe it. It was surreal. Oakland finally has something positive to talk about– their Warriors are the NBA champions.

That’s what stayed with me… along with the sunburns.

Day 3 – Dub Nation domination

Photo by David Early, Mosaic Staff Photographer.

Two excited fans express their overwhelming happiness in the concluding minutes of the NBA playoffs // Photo by David Early, Mosaic Staff Photographer.

By Tomas Mier, Mosaic Staff Photographer

Yesterday was definitely crazy. Brian drove Esteban, David, Hannah and I up to Oracle Arena around 3:30. Once we got there, the fans were ecstatic, taking a ton of selfies and yelling “WARRIORS” at the top of their lungs. Despite being two hours before the start of the game, fans lined up at the doors ready to immerse themselves in the beauty of 20,000 seats with “authentic fan” posters and the hardwood floors of the court.

Tickets were sold out. But it definitely took all of them to pack the place. Esteban and I grabbed our press passes and pushed our ways into the arena, making our way down to the court where security guards gave us weird look, I mean, we are high school journalists.

The ESPN game coverage began. Every time LeBron James appeared on the jumbotron the area became one with its boos and obscene hand gestures. Once Coach Steve Kerr came on, or any of the Warriors players, the stadium applauded and yelled in joy.

On the court I saw William Bonilla, sports anchor for Univision 14. I went up to him because I wanted to catch an interview with him for my article on the NBA and the Latino community. Surprisingly, he asked me for an interview. I GOT TO APPEAR ON TV! That was awesome. He even gave me his card.

Throughout the game, at every timeout or between quarters, the Warriors staff didn’t fail to entertain with the “Flying W’s,” the dance and cheer squad, and a team of professional youth dancers.

During gameplay, it felt like the stadium was watching the Warriors right there. They were extremely loud, chanting “DEFENSE” when the Cavaliers had the ball and “WAARRIORS” throughout the game’s entirety.

To not make things too long, the Warriors won and the crowd was as excited as ever. After 40 years, the city of Oakland and the Bay Area was able to take their cars and fill the streets with honking horns and the enthusiasm only a sports team can bring.

It was awesome to stand near crazed fans that have followed the team for the longest time. It showed me that love for sports teams can create an amazing bond with strangers.