Day 4: From bad to great

Matthew Chow // Mosaic Staff Writer Chris Moreno plays pool in Washburn Hall.

Matthew Chow // Mosaic Staff Writer
Chris Moreno plays pool in Washburn Hall.

By Chris Moreno // Mosaic Staff Writer

Day 4 I continued to get shut out by people and I got no returned calls. Brenda Light returned my email saying she could not help me so my day started out bad.

Especially since I did not get any breakfast!!

Later in the day I just kinda sat there not knowing what to do for a while and made no progress in my story.

I had lunch at Johnny Rockets and got happy I at least had a good burger to eat and that brightened up my day a little bit.

I only have $9 left from Joes money and there is 2 days left so I’m probably gonna have to use my own money sadly.

Before leaving the newsroom I contacted Miguel one more time for an interview for his story and he actually answered! I am happy that I at least will have a good second story but I’m not sure how my first story is going to work out by deadline.

P.S… The whereabouts of Ned and his cockroach army are still unknown.


Roach Busters: The Search Continues…

By Raphael Santa Maria // Mosaic Staff Writer

The search for Ned, the infamous cockroach leader who has been said to devour one Mosaic student each year, goes on. As roach hotels have been placed in the laundry rooms, answers remain uncertain as to where exactly the roach that has already scared the living (blank) out of fourteen females in the left side of Washburn Hall is hiding.

They managed to escape when they were first spotted by Chris in the laundry room in the early morning of June 18th. Chris then formed the team of amateur cockroach trappers, which consisted of himself, me, Matthew Chow and “Winning” Winston Lee, better known as the “Roach Busters”. We placed a trap made of a small Dixie cup and pieces of a granola bar in the middle of the laundry room and waited for them to regroup.

We returned to find seven big toe-sized roaches congregating in the center of the laundry room, planning their next attack. Catching them off guard, I ran in there with a long wooden stick while Chris quickly, but calmly, switched on the lights. I killed three of the critters within fifteen seconds, but the other four managed to escape under the washing machines. It was time to call in the muscle…

Chris and Matt walked in to lift up the washing machines while I swept them out of hiding with a broom stick. Winston wasn’t with us, but he was there in essence, I could feel his energy. I managed to kill two more. We knew for sure that the last one was hiding under the third washing machine, so we took a breather. Then, we thought, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” We had to get this last one, or humanity was going to come to an abrupt end.

We marched back into the room and put it all on the table. We risked our lives for a greater cause. To throw him off, we lightly tapped the washing machines with our feet like there was no tomorrow, and indeed it seemed as if so. Confused, it went behind the washing machines where the pipes and wires were located. It was limping. I knew right then and there that it was the perfect opportunity to get this little bastard (excuse my French).

As Chris and Matt scared that thing, making it run out from behind the washing machines, it was now vulnerable. It ran to one corner of the room where we had piled up all the lint, trash and dirty socks owned by past Mosaic staff. As it hid in the rubbish, we took our time to observe it in its natural habitat. He was weak. There was no escape…

After we gathered our information about the roach and its habits of living, we moved it to a part of the room where it was exposed. It was on its back, still alive. We could tell it wanted us to end its life and put it out of its misery.

As I raised the wooden stick I used to kill the first two, I tried to make it as dramatic as possible. Then, Kelly yelled at me, “JUST KILL IT!” And that I did. I squashed the damned thing as if I were Zeus, smiting someone with a great fury. For a moment, I thought the nightmare was over. It wasn’t.

Leslie pointed out that one of them, who I thought I killed earlier, was still alive and kicking. I placed a clear plastic sheet on top of it to end it all. As I stepped on it with the might of a mustang horse, my foot slipped, turning it into paste on the floor of the laundry room.

Around us, seven squashed freakalopes were scattered all over the room. I dropped the stick and sighed in relief. The battle was over… but the Roach Busters have yet to win the war…

Day 3: Slowly but surely

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Chris Moreno works on story assignments at his desk in the Spartan Daily Newsroom.

By Chris Moreno // Mosaic Staff Writer

All my contacts have been shutting me out except for John Ryan which I got a decent amount of info from but I still need a lot more if I’m going to finish this story by deadline.

I really hope I can get the interview with the marathon middle school boy tomorrow so I can write about that for the NY times contest entry (that happens to be my AP HW)

My money is slowly ending I’m down to 33$ but luckily if I need anymore money I brought some of my own.  I’ve eaten Jack and the Box twice in a 3 day span but I love jack so I’m not too upset even though I rather be eating at different places around town while I can.

It’s not a Mosaic blog post unless you mention cockroaches so let’s all hope we don’t see any from now on because killing those things is tiring work especially since I’m not getting paid!

Day 2: Musings of a cockroach slayer

Christopher Moreno kills a cockroach in Washburn hall as Raphael Santa Maria watches on at San Jose State University in San Jose, Calif. on Tuesday, June 18, 2013.  (Kelly Chang/Mosaic Staff)

Kelly Chang // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Christopher Moreno kills a cockroach in Washburn hall as Raphael Santa Maria watches on at San Jose State University in San Jose, Calif. on Tuesday, June 18, 2013.

By Chris Moreno // Mosaic Staff Writer

My morning began at 1 A.M as the girls dorm decided to go to the boy’s dorm screaming after they spotted a cockroach in their dorm. Me being the smart guy I am (sarcasm) I opened the door and had to kill the two cockroach’s well one anyway the other got away.

When the newsroom stuff started I was pretty lost for the first half I didn’t get much done until after lunch. I feel like this will be a complicated week for me but hopefully I can manage.

I also just remembered I have AP homework due on Friday as I’m writing this and I will probably go freak out now so yeah.