Day 6 – Looking into the future

Mosaic reporters Jacky Tsang, Megan Robalewski, Sara Ashary and Semira Sherief enjoy some free time in newsroom. // Photo by Mosaic staff

Mosaic reporters Jacky Tsang, Megan Robalewski, Sara Ashary and Semira Sherief enjoy some free time in the newsroom. // Photo by Mosaic staff

By Sara Ashary, Mosaic Staff Writer and part-time clairvoyant

(Editors Note: Saturday is usually a slow day in the newsroom, so we’ve allowed Mosaic staffer Sara Ashary to take a hypothetical look into the future of Mosaic’s 2015 class)

So today I did a lot of writing but the most interesting thing was predicting with my Mosaic squad where we each will be in 20 years. Here we go…

Steezy and Hannah: We decided to put them together because their futures will be alike. They each are going to be with someone that is like a hippie and/or an animal lover. Their families will go to music festivals and take many photos.

Sara: I think I will become an accountant.

Aysha: She will become a successful podcaster and talk about Middle Eastern problems and give a whole new view to everyone.

Joelle: She is going tp be like the next Melinda Gates. She is going to be smoking rich because her husband is like a computer genius. She is going to do yoga in the mornings, wear nice expensive simple dresses. She will do a whole lot of charity work while being super smart. She will be a very influential activist.

Jacky: Jacky is an interesting man, so he will take life as it goes.

Tomas: He is going to manage the Earthquakes with like a bluetooth on his left ear and a clipboard in his hand. AKA Making bank.

Noah: One look at Noah and you will understand: He will be an Anchor Man for channel 4 news.

Rachel: National Geographic Photographer that travels around the world. She will wear khakis and green cargo jackets with red toms.

Kaitlyn: She is going to have a PhD but have no idea what to do with it. She will probably end up alright and make herself a great life, living in Palo Alto.

Semira: Semira is such a beautiful soul. I see her marrying a celebrity (like Chris Pine). There will be pictures of her wearing sunglasses, Starbucks in her hand and yoga capris.

Matt: Famous Novelist, like the next John Green. Touring around the country for his new book.

Adele: She is going to be like a CEO. Like imagine her coming into our reunion and she is wearing a pencil skirt and talking on the phone, screaming at her assistant for giving her the wrong fax.

Megan: Megan is going to live that American life and live that high class life. There be a white picket-fence home with two kids. She will drive a Mercedes.

David: David is going to be doing some freelance photography and live alone in this really boyish apartment.

Shannon: Holy guacamole! I do not even know. Maybe the first Asian-American president. She is independent and smart.


Day 5 – A blue and gold day

Mosaic staff photographer Rachel Lee gets situated in the crowd to photograph the team. // Photo by Robert Salonga

Mosaic staff photographer Rachel Lee gets situated in the crowd to photograph the team. // Photo by Robert Salonga

By Rachel Lee, Mosaic Staff Photographer

Streamers went flying through the air. Confetti sprinkled down like snowflakes. The sky was covered in a medley of blue and gold. I rapidly shot photos and my shutter went about snapping the momentous occasion.

Today, I had the privilege of attending of the Warriors Victory Parade in Oakland along with David, Sara, and Tomas. Although I’m not an avid Warriors fan, it was still incredibly thrilling to be immersed in such enthusiasm and high spirits. We had an early start and I woke up promptly at 5:45am. After rushing through the bustling traffic of cars and cacophony of screams and honking, we made it to the press check in booth. There was a bit of confusion, but we still were able to obtain the necessary credentials to shoot within the press areas. Tomas and I teamed up in the rally portion of the parade with Rob watching along the sidelines. While Tomas conversed with dedicated fans, I snapped photos with my heavy, telephoto lens. The crowd would light up at the sight of photographers and TV crews and I spent a majority of the morning capturing those moments of excitement. As the day went on and the sun began to beat down on us, Tomas, Sara, David, and I scouted out a prime location for capturing photos and viewing the basketball players. Random men gave speeches on a podium for a good half hour before the players were finally introduced. The crowd went wild for each player and I did my best to capture those genuine emotions (my arms were quite sore at that point). The anticipation built up steadily until Stephen Curry took the stage with his two year old daughter, Riley. “Riley’s dad” (as the announcer had put it) seemed to be a modest man and dedicated father. It was surreal. Seeing this man who had starred in countless games on TV right in front of me was almost unbelievable. I only wished I was a bigger Warriors fan and could truly appreciate the celebration.

The trek back home was a bit exhausting. In the car, Sara went on and on about the once in a lifetime experience which I agreed with before dozing off (along with David and Tomas). When I finally settled back in the newsroom, I was exhausted, thirsty, and hungry. I filled up my stomach with a bagel, popcorn, and water and took a nap back in the dorms.