Guilt made me do this

Kelly Chang // Mosaic Staff Photographer Mosaic Students at Chinatown on June 23, 2013

Kelly Chang // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Mosaic Students at Chinatown on June 23, 2013

By Perla Luna // Mosaic Staff Writer

I am incredibly lazy at this very moment in time but because no one has written any post about the last few days, I feel like I need to. But in a list. Because lists are cool.

Stuff I’ve Learned in the Past Three Days:

-I’m pretty awesome at Cranium?

-….but I fail at ping pong

-two joined twin-sized beds are ample enough for four girls

-never pick up a ringing telephone without knowing who it is

-apparently everyone has had freaky ghost encounters but me

-people become incredibly distrustful if you offer them a sandwich

-a large, heavenly pizza can cost only $8 if you’re a “baller on a budget”

-Chris can eat four big slices of pizza

-Elliot is adorable (We both have tennis rackets! We should sit together!)

-Raphael should not go near liquids

-one must stomp on cockroaches

-the bed in Leslie’s room is so much better than mine

Stuff I Haven’t Learned in the Past Three Days:

-where Mosaic is printing

-why the movie is called “His Girl Friday”

-if there actually is a cockroach in my room


Day 3: Unfamiliar Territory


Marili Arellano // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Perla Luna works on story assignments at her desk in the Spartan Daily Newsroom.

By Perla Luna // Mosaic Staff Writer

I was worried about Mosaic. I stressed and panicked and tried to mask those tumultuous emotions with packing and Smallville. But eventually, I couldn’t escape it anymore. It was Mosaic day. I had to face the consequences of letting my teacher talk me into applying despite the fact that I had no journalistic experience.

Thankfully, it wasn’t and hasn’t been as awful as I expected. My heart may have felt like it was trying its best to desert me during those first few talks when expectations where set by the editors and unfamiliar journalistic terms were abound. But, to my immense relief, those terms were explained and I realized I wasn’t the only one in the middle of intimidating and unfamiliar territory. This is an Experience, one all eighteen of us are going through together.

So I don’t know if we’re going to end up as close as last year’s class and I don’t know if I’ll end up in tears because of my stories. But I do know I won’t regret my decision to be a part of Mosaic. Even if there is a whole secret colony of cockroaches living in the girl’s showers.