Pho adventures

Matthew Chow // Mosaic Staff Writer

Matthew Chow // Mosaic Staff Writer
Mosaic students grab newspapers in the morning in Washburn Lounge.

By Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer

I should really start blogging more because I actually do want to look back at this wordpress and laugh about roaches and the stress,excitement etc.

Anyway here is my 2nd blog post!!

It’s Friday 12:16 PM. Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday and I wasn’t there, which was kind of sad but I was also happy since I called her when I was with Marili, Brizette and Adriana and they kept making me laugh. Yesterday was also the first night we went out pretty late and barely made curfew. Marili, Corine and I went to get PHO! Pho is so big though and I had no one to share halfsies with L

But it was fun. We walked a whole block in the wrong directions and in a circle and the Heat won and they got distracted so we ate dinner at 9 ish and got back at 9:53! Pho was good but too big and the drink that I got was free (Strawberry and it was good too!!)

The drink that Marili got SUCKED , never get DURIAN!!!! It’s the worst drink ever(stinky fruit sucks).  The rest was fun though J

Going out for lunch (Italian) soon! Elliot also told me I get to write a little for the Santa Cruz photo essay!! I should be more excited but yeah I’ll be excited when we go to the flea market!!! Nhat was talking about it so maybe my idea will come true.

Next week is already starting soon (I do need more money $) and this weekend will be BUSY.

SC & SF, here I comeeeee!


Day 2: New Opportunities

Kelly Chang // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Kelly Chang // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Mahima Dutt smiles at the camera as she enjoys her cup of froyo.

By Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Writer

“It just takes time. By the time we’re done with this, we’ll have too many…”

These words just came out of Elliot’s mouth as he stood behind me repeating details for my friend Brizette’s next assignment. Last night, we all decided to walk over to Yogurtland in hopes of forming bonds and becoming closer to one another. Although the pictures of us there were blurry and not the best quality, the time we spent there was still enjoyable, and led to more than just bonding.

We were all in a long line at Yogurtland, picking toppings and what not and I was at the front. I quickly paid and was following Brizette out the door where we saw a guy with a weird looking contraption that held a medium sized, white dog. The dog seemed docile and friendly. The vehicle with the dog in it started moving, and we noticed the guy there, who had a remote, controlled it. I think at this point, the thing that really attracted us was the dog inside.

Brizette immediately walked up to him and asked him questions. She was smart and wrote down his contact info too. After paying, more of us came out to see the dog. It turned out the guy was even looking for some press release so it was a win-win situation. Brizette found a new story right unexpectedly outside Yogurtland, which is exactly what she was hoping for and now I’m helping her by photographing the shop at which the guy works at and possibly more of his inventions.

Like Brizette, many of the writers seem nervous about their pieces still but “it just takes time” to find the right story that interests you, or to find the right people to interview.