Day 10 – Wi-Fi, why did you disappear?

The Wi-Fi panic in the SJSU dorms ended by 9:50 p.m. // Snapchat by Adele Shen

The Wi-Fi panic in the SJSU dorms ended by 9:50 p.m. // Snapchat by Adele Shen

By Jacky Tsang, Mosaic Staff Writer

Deadline is today. Fortunately, I was only up until 1:30 A.M. working on my story.

When I went back to my dorm at 6:30 P.M., I was a little worried for my story; I was confused and I wasn’t sure how to approach. I decided to put it off until I ate dinner. This gave me more time to think and process what I should write about.

However, I faced even more problems afterwards. I was frustrated, and I continued to do more research, which only helped slightly. I finally started after I made the decision to change the angle of my story. But then, the internet shut down, at around 9 P.M., and I fell asleep too since I couldn’t do anything.

I think I fell asleep from frustration because I never fall asleep too early. I guess it was because the story was due the very next day in the morning, and I didn’t even have a single word down. And having no wifi rendered me useless, and I was really mad. In a world with internet, it’s hard to go a day without it, especially if you need it to risk getting yelled at by your editor.

At around 11 P.M., I woke up, with news from my dorm mates that the internet came back. I worked quickly and rapidly, editing at the same time. I polished and corrected and made sure my story made sense.

Finally, at 1:30am, I finished. I decided not to sleep because I just didn’t want to. I wanted to watch something on Netflix, but I recently finished watching my favorite T.V. show, Scandal, so I didn’t know what to do.

Actually, when I finished Scandal, my life felt empty and I seriously didn’t know what to do. At the same time, I’m glad I finished it before yesterday night’s frustration. I would’ve been too distracted watching Scandal rather than doing my work.
Anyways, working under deadline wasn’t too bad. I finished on time, and I could’ve gotten a good night’s sleep, but I decided to watch YouTube videos afterwards. Honestly, I waste a lot of time doing nothing, and I really should spend time with these people because we’re all leaving soon in less than three days.


Day 6 – Looking into the future

Mosaic reporters Jacky Tsang, Megan Robalewski, Sara Ashary and Semira Sherief enjoy some free time in newsroom. // Photo by Mosaic staff

Mosaic reporters Jacky Tsang, Megan Robalewski, Sara Ashary and Semira Sherief enjoy some free time in the newsroom. // Photo by Mosaic staff

By Sara Ashary, Mosaic Staff Writer and part-time clairvoyant

(Editors Note: Saturday is usually a slow day in the newsroom, so we’ve allowed Mosaic staffer Sara Ashary to take a hypothetical look into the future of Mosaic’s 2015 class)

So today I did a lot of writing but the most interesting thing was predicting with my Mosaic squad where we each will be in 20 years. Here we go…

Steezy and Hannah: We decided to put them together because their futures will be alike. They each are going to be with someone that is like a hippie and/or an animal lover. Their families will go to music festivals and take many photos.

Sara: I think I will become an accountant.

Aysha: She will become a successful podcaster and talk about Middle Eastern problems and give a whole new view to everyone.

Joelle: She is going tp be like the next Melinda Gates. She is going to be smoking rich because her husband is like a computer genius. She is going to do yoga in the mornings, wear nice expensive simple dresses. She will do a whole lot of charity work while being super smart. She will be a very influential activist.

Jacky: Jacky is an interesting man, so he will take life as it goes.

Tomas: He is going to manage the Earthquakes with like a bluetooth on his left ear and a clipboard in his hand. AKA Making bank.

Noah: One look at Noah and you will understand: He will be an Anchor Man for channel 4 news.

Rachel: National Geographic Photographer that travels around the world. She will wear khakis and green cargo jackets with red toms.

Kaitlyn: She is going to have a PhD but have no idea what to do with it. She will probably end up alright and make herself a great life, living in Palo Alto.

Semira: Semira is such a beautiful soul. I see her marrying a celebrity (like Chris Pine). There will be pictures of her wearing sunglasses, Starbucks in her hand and yoga capris.

Matt: Famous Novelist, like the next John Green. Touring around the country for his new book.

Adele: She is going to be like a CEO. Like imagine her coming into our reunion and she is wearing a pencil skirt and talking on the phone, screaming at her assistant for giving her the wrong fax.

Megan: Megan is going to live that American life and live that high class life. There be a white picket-fence home with two kids. She will drive a Mercedes.

David: David is going to be doing some freelance photography and live alone in this really boyish apartment.

Shannon: Holy guacamole! I do not even know. Maybe the first Asian-American president. She is independent and smart.