This is going to be a tough one, I can see it already.

By Corine Forward // Mosaic Staff Writer

I completed my first column, and I’m proud of it! My topic was super controversial and I was struggling on how to articulate my ideas in a way that wasn’t going to offend anyone (that’s the last thing I wanted to do by the way) but with the help of Joe, Elliott, Sharon, and Ardua, I was able to write a piece that I am proud of.

As a little celebration Adrianna, Perla, Calm Chris, Jonae, Leslie (dorm mom), and I went to the movies to see The Internship! It was hilarious and we all had a good time.

Now that it’s Thursday and I see everyone looking through pictures and exchanging Facebook information, it is starting to sink in that tomorrow is our last day.

It sucks because I’ve grown so close to these people and it will be hard knowing I won’t see and spend every waking moment with them.

We walked into the newsroom today to hear a thank you speech by Elliott. He even teared up; I think that is when it really hit me. We all are leaving tomorrow…

This is going to be a tough one, I can see it already.



Kelly Chang // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Kelly Chang // Mosaic Staff Photographer

By Corine Forward // Mosaic Staff Writer

Tomorrow is deadline. Wait, let me reiterate that, TOMORROW IS DEADLINE!!

You can hear, see and even feel the focus and intensity in the newsroom. Fingers typing away, the clicking of heels running in and out, Red Bull cans and Coffee cups filling the trash cans – it is definitely the day before deadline alright.

But knowing that my story has to be in tomorrow was not the scariest feeling I had today – Sean Webby was. If I have never been so close to pee in my pants before, today was the day. He played the most intimidating, horrifying, gruesome role in our workshop on interviewing today.

At first, there was a press conference where one of the reporters and photographers from each team newspaper would go in and report on the breaking news they received.

Seeing the faces of all the reporters and photographers when they came out, made me think I was going to die. I saw someone crying!

All I could think was, “I’m going to enter that room and I might not ever come out…”

Even Elliot said it!

“Gee wiz Corine, what have you gotten yourself into!”

We find out that a woman has killed a man and the specifics are still under investigation.

Then Adriana gets a call. She misses it.

Shoot, we’re toast now. How are we ever going to get any information?

She calls back, no answer.

The phone rings again. She passes the phone to Cerys, Cerys gives it back saying you’re the reporter who left her number with them, you have to answer.

Adriana answers with a hesitant hello and Elsa, the alleged killer answers.

“He molested my daughter! What reason more did I have!”

Oh my, oh my, we had a story now!

Then I enter the room. I ask to speak to the molested daughter. But Seam Webby acting as the brother of the deceased man angrily replies, “There is no daughter.”

All I can think is “no daughter! What in the world!!”

I just start firing questions at him, some he doesn’t answer and some he does but boy was he mean.

Then I think, “Well duh Corine, his brother just died!”

He kicks me out and as I close the door behind me I think, “WTF I forgot to ask his name!”I return to my team with Marili and we describe everything. I hear another group say his name is Frank and then Cerys starts typing away. We write our hard news story in a mere 14 minutes, print it out, and rush it over to the persistent Elliot demanding these news stories.

We all go back into the room to evaluate how we did in the exercise. He says we all did good! And he was NOT as mean as he acted out to be. He was a really intriguing and helpful journalist that informed us of great techniques to use when interviewing and reporting.

The “touch” method really stuck with me. He told us that by simply shaking people’s hand before bombarding them with questions can open up a better line of communication.

So I went out to Santana Roe and did just that. Out of every person who I shook hands with, I got a great interview out of!

Thanks Sean!

Now, back to my story.

It’s going to be a looooooong night.

Day 3: More than a job, a lifestyle

Jonae Scott // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Jonae Scott // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Corine Forward works at her desk on story assignments in the Spartan Daily Newsroom.

By Corine Forward // Mosaic Staff Writer

I’ve oiled up my gears, cranked the ignition, and have gotten the wheels rolling! I’m talking about my stories y’all! I’ve interviewed a ton! The first interview was scary because right before that, I had been rejected by like 5 people. But after the first face-to-face interview, all my others have been a breeze. Now, on Day 3, I’m actually writing, I’ve got some good stuff down and can’t wait to do more interviewing. But boy am I tired! This is more than a job, this is a LIFESTLYE!

Day 1: Ready to kick it into high gear!

By Corine Forward // Mosaic Staff Writer

David Early’s talk was really inspirational! I’m glad he came in to speak to us. I can tell things are about to get pretty intense with story writing, reporting, and the infamous deadlines. I’m ready to kick it into high gear.

We as a whole are slowly warming up to each which is a blessing in itself because the awkward silence was killing me! All of the kids here seem really cool and I’m glad we are getting to know each other.

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer
David Early gives the “World of Journalism” talk to the Mosaic students.

Jonae Scott // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Jonae Scott // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Jonae Scott // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Jonae Scott // Mosaic Staff Photographer