Day 6: Gary Soto’s Seventh Grade

Marili Arellano // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Marili Arellano // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Cerys Holstege types up a homicide article for Sean Webby in the Spartan Daily Newsroom for Mosaic in San Jose, Calif. on Thursday, June 20, 2013.

By Adriana Ramos// Mosaic Staff Writer

Yesterday, I found Gary Soto’s contact information but I hesitated to call.

As a part of the research and interviewing process for writing articles here at the Mosaic, I have gotten used to dialing without over thinking it too much. (I’ve learned that time is valuable, with the time-constraints we have to craft articles.) Dialing Gary Soto’s contact number was nerve-wrecking to say the least though.

As I stared at the screen with his contact information, I thought of the moment I had first seen Soto’s name printed. It was in my seventh grade English class, that I read Seventh Grade. I was turned to his writing from then on. And even still, before zipping up my suitcase for the two weeks of Mosaic, I brought along Gary Soto’s Jesse.

I had to ask Brizette to leave a voicemail just because I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Gary Soto answered her midway through leaving the voicemail though. And as soon as that happened, Brizette passed the phone to me.

If Gary Soto ever noted the change of voice that ‘I’ went through, he never mentioned it. I just interviewed him, but I won’t lie, I got really nervous.

Getting to interview him, made me forget how nervous I ever was. It’s something I won’t forget.


Day 2: Roaches and Calmness

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer  Adriana Ramos smiles at the camera in the Washburn lounge.

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Adriana Ramos smiles at the camera in the Washburn lounge.

By Adriana Ramos // Mosaic Staff Writer

Last night was terrible. Just like the night before was. Both nights actually, were intruded upon by the same perpetrator.

I’ve only ever seen cockroaches in the South, never in California and certainly not in the valley of Napa, where I’m from.

We finally bonded though, through shrieking and only much later laughing out of disgust. The girls of Mosaic did it, if only because of revolting insects.

Our dorm Mom, Leslie joined in too. (In the screaming. And even though I hope to laugh about it as soon as I get to my cockroach-free room back home, I think it was meant to happen.

“Calm” Chris even lived up to his name when he smashed one of the two cockroaches some of the girls encountered. No other girl was calm when the cockroaches even moved in the slightest direction. I can assure you.