Day 8 – Two (not)Broke Girls and a Very Elusive Light Rail

By Emily Luong, Mosaic Staff

The first half of today was ordinary. We basically stayed in the newsroom, ate vegan food for lunch (it actually wasn’t bad at all), and worked until 5. But at 5, the day’s adventures began.

My second article is about the rise of food trucks in the Bay Area, so Creo took Sophie and me to Moveable Feast at Blossom Hill, where we were greeted with…four food trucks and seven attendees. Immediate flashbacks to the disaster that was Off the Grid began, but Sophie and I ventured into the fray anyways. We grabbed some pork-covered tater tots and Sophie took pictures that made it seem like there were more people there than there actually were. We started profiling the people there like how Joe does whenever we go anywhere, and determined that everyone that was present was young and white. Jazz music was playing and business was really slow, so we were worried that the escapade would be unsuccessful.

Then, out of nowhere, the people started flocking in and EDM started playing. It was like Moveable Feast did a complete 180…the parking lot was full of minorities and people were walking around everywhere. The waffle truck and Porky’s SJ got the most business, so after taking a few pictures, Sophie and I grabbed a Waffle Your Way and demolished it in 5 minutes. Then we got a text from Creo that there was too much traffic, so we should take the light rail. Simple enough, right? Not for Sophie and me…

We sat…at a bus station…for 15 minutes. A Bus. Station. And we were completely oblivious to why the only buses coming by were…buses…and not light rails….I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Then, we went exploring to see if maybe the light rail came in at a different section, and FINALLY found it. The light rail experience didn’t end there, though. We couldn’t figure out which one went toward San Jose, and eventually, if it was a light rail at all. When the Santa Teresa light rail came by, Sophie and I flagged down two guys who came out of it. The conversation went something like this:

Sophie: Excuse me?

Guys: Yeah?

Sophie: What’s a light rail? I mean, is this the light rail?

Guys: Yes…………………………..

So finally, we discerned that, indeed, we were in the right place, bought tickets, and got onto the correct light rail. Inside, we found a guy with a puppy inside his backpack and a guy who was late to meet his wife (as we found out from his very audible phone conversation).

When we reached our destination and walked back to SJSU, Sophie had an epiphany that required energy drinks. Off to Safeway. However, outside of Safeway, a young homeless woman asked for a quarter. There, the second adventure of the night began.

Inside of Safeway, Sophie grabbed her energy drink, but could not stop thinking about the homeless woman. She of the golden heart was compelled to buy something for the woman to eat for dinner, so we went on a cruise around the store to find some sort of packaged sandwich, which we eventually tracked down near the cash register.

Of course, Sophie was more than excited to give the sandwich away. One problem: the woman was gone. In her place was a police officer, patrolling the store for panhandlers. My girl was heartbroken, and I mean heartbroken. She wandered aimlessly around for a few minutes, trying in vain to find the woman. Then, we turned the corner.

There, we found the Honeymooners: the homeless couple that most of Mosaic had met during Joe’s Nightlife Tour. Sophie hadn’t met them, but had heard a lot about them, so we went over, introduced each other, and had a nice conversation about how Mosaic was going and possible sources for stories on the homeless. Sophie produced her sandwich, gave it to the Honeymooners, and then we finally left for dorms, closing our two-hour adventure finding our way back home.



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