Day 4 – The week so far

Mosaic reporters Skylar De Paul and Sydney Welch pose with Will Clark and Nathaniel Major at Autism Night in AT&T Park.

Mosaic reporters Skylar De Paul and Sydney Welch pose with Will Clark and Nathaniel Major at Autism Night in AT&T Park.

By Skylar De Paul, Mosaic Staff

I keep forgetting to do these things. Since Monday, I’ve gotten all my interviews done and pictures have been taken. But lemme tell ya, this has been a crazy week.

I spent all afternoon on Monday and all morning on Tuesday trying to contact the PR and media departments for the San Francisco Giants in order to get access to interviews for Autism Awareness Night. It wasn’t working out, so even though I wanted to be on location for interviews, Marcos wanted me to stray from the Giants angle and focus on the issues with autism. Because the Giants’ PR managers were basically impossible to reach and weren’t responding to any of my emails, I reached out to Autism Speaks, the organization in partnership with the Giants for the event. Jacqueline reached out to me right away, and even offered to get me access to the VIP room that Autism Speaks held for the game, which was right next door to the famous Will Clark’s suite.

Take that, Giants’ media team, who emailed me back saying they were “unable to honor my request at this time.” Heh.

After Marcos freaked out for a bit and bought tickets for Sydney and I to get into the game, Joe helped us figure out the train schedule and drove us down for the afternoon. Sydney and I got on the 4:22 train to San Francisco, and got to the stadium an hour and a half later…then it got weird.

We took forever to meet up with Jacqueline because she had VIP tickets, but we had standing room only. SO. When we finally got to her, she only had one extra VIP ticket. Sydney waited outside, while I got to go up to suite 64 with Jacqueline. Lisa, one of the other ladies involved with Autism Speaks, gave me her ticket that had been stamped for reentry and snuck me out a side door and down a huge ramp so I could try to get Sydney up there too. After I got a text from Sydney saying, “I’m frozen,” I picked her up and we got in line for the VIP section. Heh. We got through security okay until they scanned Sydney’s ticket, which was my original ticket that they’d scanned before. The screen on this old lady’s scanner said “stop,” and I lightweight freaked out on the inside. I showed her the stamp on my arm and the stamp on my ticket and said, “She’s with me,” and that SOMEHOW worked. I STILL DON’T KNOW HOW THAT WORKED SO EASILY.

We spent the rest of the night in the Autism Speaks suite, interviewing parents, supporters, kids, and even Will Clark. We were getting hecka hungry and they had good food all around, but I didn’t know if it would be unprofessional to just start eating their food. God bless this kid Evan who asked if we wanted any pizza, because Jacqueline was standing next to him and when Sydney said, “Oh I don’t know if we’re allowed,” we got permission. GOD BLESS YOU, EVAN.

We left the stadium around 9:45 and walked back to the train, and everything was fine, until we realized our train didn’t leave until 10:45…SO. Starbucks was closed, Safeway was closed, but thank you Panera, who let us stay for half an hour past their closing time since we got there 20 minutes before. We rode Caltrain until 12:40 (ugh) and met up with Calyse, our savior who drove us back to our dorm and rescued us from the train station. Sydney and I ended up back at our dorm at 1am…but it was definitely a great day.

Yesterday was all listening back to interviews and writing down quotes. I got a good start on my article and Sydney took some great pictures to go along with it. I spent an hour and a half wandering around the tower around the corner from Dwight Bentel Hall on the phone with my mom.

But now it’s go time, and as Marcos said, “work work work.”


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