Day 1 – I can work with that

Mosaic instructor Rob Salonga meets with his reporters. (Imran Najam)

Mosaic instructor Rob Salonga meets with his reporters // Photo by Imran Najam

By Everett Bang, Mosaic Staff Writer

“Put anything on it. Like you can put, ‘God it feels good to be a gangster.’ Put a joke or something.” Thanks Imran, that really narrows it down. Meeting people and trying to remember names of 17 other individuals is a difficult task, but I’m trying my best and I want to spend more time with the others on different days.

David Early, quite a character with such a plethora of knowledge, and a reporter who can get to the “guts” of an interviewee. I was quite in awe of such a person who would gladly depart with such imagery and great storytelling capabilities.

Mitchell and I spent our lunch at Dakao, a place with superb banh mi (Vietnamese Sandwiches) and it was heaven. For $3.00, a sandwich with a variety of meats from pork to meatballs, to vegetarians and pate. It was far, but time and effort well spent. Check off for lunch!

It was time. Meeting our editors. Names started to be picked off and there was a tense moment that hung around the room. “Mitchell… Maya… Wfah… Everett. With Rob!” Shoot, I was stuck with the guy with the reputation of graphic language. Alright, sure. I can work with this. Crime. The basic theme, I can work with that.


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