Fifth Harmony is worth it in San Jose


On August 9, 2015, almost 7,000 people filled the stands and floor of the San Jose State Event Center to watch girl group, Fifth Harmony.

The line to enter the venue curled all the way around the arena with antsy fans ready to watch “the girls” perform for the second time in the Bay Area. This would mark their return after having performed earlier this year in San Francisco.

Opening the night were three other performances by Natalie La Rose, Debby Ryan and The Never Ending, and Bea Miller.

La Rose shined on the stage and opened the night with a bang, alongside her two dancers. She had the whole crowd standing up and dancing to the beat for the duration of her set, especially with her top hit, “Somebody.”

The next act was Debby Ryan, former Disney Channel star on the hit show “Jessie.” For her performances, she shared some of her life stories through her music, which the crowd didn’t seem to connect too much with. The fans sat down for most of the performance and talked among themselves.

Some even yelled, “Hey Jessie,” the name of the theme song of her old show.

Bea Miller then took the stage and the crowd was more excited than I expected. Many people  knew the lyrics to her songs and Miller was really impressed.

After getting off stage, she tweeted, “San Jose I’m being 100% serious, this was the best show of this entire tour so far. I love each of you so much. Thank you for everything.”

After Miller, the lights grew dim: it was finally time for the stars of the night.

Fifth Harmony opened its magnificent performances with one of my personal favorites: “BO$$.”

The fans danced their tails off through the night listening to the group’s songs on their newest album “Reflection.” After ten songs, the girls walked off stage. Their prerecorded voices filled the Event Center along with calming music, asking fans to feel brave and beautiful just before coming out to sing “Brave, Honest, Beautiful” which had the fans ecstatic.

The girls then slowed it down and sang “Who Are You” beautifully in front of phone flashlights, waving arms, and paper hearts. This was the most emotional part of the night.

The set list ended with their most famous song, “Worth It.” They bowed and left the stage, only to come back after fans chanted “FIFTH HARMONY” at the top of their lungs to sing “Body Rock” for an encore.

The night was unbelievable and everything was well-coordinated and quite close to perfect. Even parents danced along to the music, showing how Fifth Harmony’s songs can be enjoyed by any type of person no matter the language they speak or the music they like.

To borrow from their chart topping hit, this concert was totally worth it.


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