Mosaic staffer takes new route to his soccer “home”

tomas y dad

Mosaic reporter Tomas Mier poses with his dad during the San Jose Quakes vs. America game on July 14, 2015 at Avaya Stadium in San Jose.

I walked into the stadium that I’m used to calling home. This time, without a blue jersey and scarf around my neck. Instead, a button-down and a media pass.

I felt different. I wasn’t the diehard Quakes fan, I was Tomás el periodista– or at least a wannabe.

I made my way up the elevator and going by each press area door released some butterflies into my stomach: KZSF, Fox Sports 1, Press Room… I walked into the last one where I saw the seats of people I look up to and follow on Twitter: Marc Purdy, Robert Jonas, the Earthquakes PR. I was surrounded by people I aspire to be like someday, and the excitement built up.

I made my way down to the stands where many Mexican América fans crowded the passageway for players to go to the field. The Quakes came out and I don’t recall hearing the 4-letter P-word so many times in one place.

The fans felt like they were at Azteca Stadium. By my unscientific estimation, more than 80 percent of the stands were yellow with Club América jerseys and gear. The Águilas were at home with various supporter groups including La Monumental and El Ritual del Kaos.

Aside from that, my two favorite teams Club América and the Quakes confronted each other in a match that on paper seemed friendly. On the pitch, something different was evident, and quite early in the match.

It started off with Quakes defender Clarence Goodson making a very aggressive tackle, deserving of what could’ve been an “orange card.” So close to a red.

The Club America players erupted and throughout the game the pushing and shoving continued to be a problem. During the last minutes of the first half, after receiving a harsh tackle, winger Sanna Nyassi kicked centreback Paolo Goltz in the abdomen resulting in the two players being ejected and the two teams having to play the rest of the match down a player.

The visiting side ended the match victorious with a close 2-1.

This was a pretty cool experience and I was more than happy to be able to attend the match and access things/places that normal fans usually don’t get to.


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