Day 11 – Mosaic lasts forever!

Hannah Chebeleu, Aysha Rehman and David Early // Photo by Mosaic Staff

Hannah Chebeleu and Aysha Rehman goof around outside the SJSU dorms. // Photo by Mosaic Staff

By Aysha Rehman, Mosaic Staff Writer

As I look back on these past two weeks, I’m surprised they went by so quickly. Not only did this week just slip through my fingers, but I also bonded with 15 other teenagers I never thought I could befriend. I feel like this group has been has been a lot of fun to work with, and I know that after Mosaic truly ends, I will be floating around in denial…because Mosaic lasts forever, at least in our hearts.

I learned a lot about journalism, and how to get up to par with professional writing, skills that will be invaluable when I come back to school this August. I learned how to interact with people completely different than myself, and I saw parts of the city life that really changed my perspective about the kinds of people we have in this world, from the homeless to the rich of the rich.

I suppose one of the most important things I got from Mosaic aside from the skill set to dominate the newsroom was a group of lifelong friends. I can honestly say that these people will be here for me when I need them as I hope to be there for them when they need me. From my roommates to my editors, I feel like everyone has a place in my heart, and I do hope that this is not the end of our time together–I want to see everyone again, at least every once in awhile.

I will forever remember our group hangouts and outings. I will remember rooming with the wonderful not-shy Semira 🙂 I will remember the other girls making my hair and watching High School Musical 2. Most of all I will remember those quiet moments where it seems that everyone is just absorbing the presence of everyone else–because this group couldn’t have been more perfectly put together.

For those who are thinking about applying to Mosaic, when the time comes jump at the chance, because the experience you will have will stick with you For. A. Lifetime. Everything from the technical skills to the social skills, I can definitely say that I’ve become a better writer, as well as a more confident person.

So my dear friends and editors alike, I will miss you all when the time comes to truly say ‘adieu.’ I do hope to see your smiling faces again, even if it means you have to fly over here from Idaho, or drive all the way from Monterey 🙂

This is not the end Class of 2015, Mosaic lasts forever!


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