Day 5 – From Idaho to San Jose

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Mosaic staff writer Brady N. Delgadillo enjoys one of San Jose’s finest offerings at Amor Cafe and Tea. // Snapchat by Brady N. Delgadillo

By Brady N. Delgadillo, Mosaic Staff Writer

I sit here in San Jose surrounded by a plethora of Bay Area Kids. All I hear are the words “hella” and “shady” consistently showing up in conversations. Though I am getting slightly tired of their diction, I am happy to be amongst such bright people in a city with an abundance of opportunities.

San Jose State University is located in the heart of downtown San Jose. When I first arrived here from Idaho a few days ago, I was immediately intrigued by the many stores, museums, cafes, and restaurants that downtown San Jose has to offer. At the top of my list of favorite new things I’ve tried here is boba (also known as bubble tea or milk tea with pearls) and CREAM. (My goal is to have boba everyday for the remaining week).

Besides the eclectic local businesses surrounding SJSU, I was surprised to see such a vast variety of people. I come from a small town in Idaho that is dominantly White and Hispanic. However, San Jose is home to Asians, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians. The diversity in this area is phenomenal and something that I had never been exposed to for long periods of time. Simply seeing and meeting people with different backgrounds is a signal to me of how colossal our world and humanity is. There are simply so many things and lives occurring outside of Idaho that I haven’t discovered. I feel so small in the best possible way because it reminds me of how much more there is to explore.

Being in the city with my new journalist friends has been amazing. I can’t describe the happiness I feel being in a place like this. I love Idaho for it’s scenic nature views and familiar faces, but the city experience I’ve had so far has been one of my most grand experiences yet.


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