Day 2 – Excitement, frustration, confusion, and success


Mosaic staff reporters Sara Ashary and David Early pose for a selfie with Sanni in Starbucks after the interview. // Photo by Sara Ashary, Mosaic Staff Writer

By Sara Ashary, Mosaic Staff Writer

Day 2 of Mosaic? Still pretty awesome! I feel like the connections I made with the rest of staff have become even faster. We are already at the point of having inside jokes. Everyone is working hard like busy bees in whatever season they are busy at. You can feel like the excitement, frustration, confusion, and success in the air from all the staff writers and photographers.

I for one, had a pretty successful day. I went to interview Sanni, a man with a mission who pushed his cart up and down a hill everyday in a posh neighborhood. The very talented photographer, David Early accompanied me and took fantastic shots of the man. Funny enough, Sanni was NOT CAMERA SHY AT ALL! If he did not have such a strong faith to his religion, I would definitely suggest a career in commercial modeling!

I am very glad we got to have dinner with Alumni last night, they answered all our questions about living on campus with fifteen other kids, it was so fun and relaxing. We all followed each other on social media. In fact, I think I gained like fifteen followers on instagram last night….score! After the outing for Cream, I went with Tomas, Hannah, Steezy (Steven), David, and Semira to explore San Jose Downtown. What an adventure that was! We came back to the lounge at the dorm rooms and chilled together until like 3 am.

While I drove with Creo, David, and Matt to South San Jose, I gained even a stronger friendship with them and that really made my day today. I am so stoked to see what else is in store for the Mosaic in complete honesty!!


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