Day 1 – A nice transition

Mosaic staff writer Aysha Rehman focuses on her story in the Spartan Daily newsroom. // Photo by Creo Noveno

Mosaic staff writer Aysha Rehman works on her story in the Spartan Daily newsroom.

By Aysha Rehman, Mosaic Staff

I’m going to be honest, when I first walked into that meeting room to have dinner with everyone, I was nervous. I was really nervous. I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m glad I decided to come. So far I’ve met a bright, eclectic group of people who I can relate to, and I can see that we’ve already started bonding.

Something we went over that really opened up my eyes was our discussion with David Early, a very wise journalist who recounted many a tales of his journalistic exploits. David took us all the way from the 70s to what journalism has morphed into in today’s perspective, and I’m surprised to know how much it changed. He showed us the importance of a journalist’s work, and gave me the idea that our work was a lot more impactful than I thought.

After that insightful presentation, going out for lunch with this large, fluid mass of teenagers was an interesting excursion to an otherwise work-filled day. I can honestly say that interacting with my peers was pretty fun, and I hope that I remember every minute I spend with them–including almost getting lost on our way to Subway, and then teasing the heck out of each other for an amalgam of reasons.

When we discussed stories, I thought it was interesting that the editors we were assigned to chose some of the stories that they did, but I’m glad I was directed to the most feasible story idea. I think that after discussing our stories, and coming up with a game plan, I feel really confident that I will be able to tackle the story I have in mind. It’s one about the presumably growing homelessness in San Jose, no easy topic to cover. Regardless, I feel like I have a strong team backing me, and a new group of friends that I hope will last for a long time.

Overall, the first day and half has been a nice transition into finally working on story ideas, and I can’t wait to spend more time with this group of wonderful young journalists. I feel like based on what my friends here have pitched, the end result will be great. I do look forward to the newspaper when it comes out, I hope my new friends feel the same.


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