Not so breaking, but news nonetheless

By Carl Sibley // Mosaic Staff Writer

Ever since this program started, I’ve been waiting for breaking news; so when we heard on Tuesday that protesters had just arrived at Google headquarters, I knew I had to go there and report on it.

Four other students and I went all the way out to the Googleplex, and after spending about twenty minutes driving around in search of the demonstrators, we finally found them.

My heart sank a little. For some reason, in my mind I had pictured a horde of a hundred protesters, jabbing homemade signs into the air and chanting angrily. I had imagined myself and the other reporters worming through the crowd, trying to interview the protestors over the thunderous noise.

When we got there, we just saw about a dozen people with blue shirts sitting around. There was a very hippie-ish vibe to the whole affair, and a man with a bushy beard was handing out fliers. When asked his name, he responded “Ayr” and when asked his age, he responded “eternal”.

So, yeah. We couldn’t use him in the article. The other guys there were just as vague about their real names, so we couldn’t really use them either.

One woman with a guitar sat in front of a banner and sang improvised songs about Google. She seemed very interesting, but she started to walk away towards the parking lot before we could interview her.

After contemplating the situation for a few seconds, we chased after her and caught up to her just before she and her friend got into their car. They actually gave us their real full names and ages, which was a lifesaver. Without that credibility, we might not have even ended up writing our article.

The woman greeted us with a “hand hug” and we interviewed her and her friends in the parking lot for about twenty minutes, maybe more.

After that we all tried to take a ride on some of the Google bikes that were lying around. (And we would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling security guards!)

Miraculously, we managed to get some words from a Google intern, then we hurried into the car as security yelled at our driver to get out of the bus loading zone.

All in all, the trip wasn’t exactly what I expected, but it was still a unique and fun experience.



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