Sleep, Wake up, Work, Sleep

By Anthony Beron // Mosaic Staff Writer 

I wasn’t quite getting cozy, and my roommate had a fever, so I was given my own dorm room for the night. 

Today, after falling asleep, at 1 a.m. I woke up at nine a.m. I was supposed to be dressed, showered and in the lounge room by 9:10. I felt trapped in a struggle. I made it by 9:25. My supervisor was disappointed, yet not surprised, because of my lame dash to the morning assembly.

We finished this morning’s San Jose Mercury News, and reviewed some of the news that it promulgated. I missed most of that discussion, but at least finished a front-page story about a possible kill-switch feature being included in electronic devices.

On my walk to the computer lab, I bizarrely felt relaxed in spite of this very, very frenetic morning. I finished the rough draft of my story about the digital divide in the Silicon Valley yesterday, and Friday (today) it was due.

So, I turned it in for my editor to expurgate. He did, leaving clear white space and naked sentences few and far between- like some of the other changed rough drafts I saw.

I took a two-hour-long nap then back at the lounge room. It happened in a couch that, at that moment, was being illuminated by sunlight, looking bright like a beacon.

At least it appeared like a beacon to me because I was tired.

When I woke up close to noon, I ate lunch at a venue not far from San Jose State campus in a modified Victorian home that was a restaurant.


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