Push Back

By Nathaniel Dalerio // Mosaic Staff Writer 

Since the beginning of the program our editors and advisors spoke faintly of a “Sean Webby.”

“If there was a part of the program that taught the how-tos of journalism, it was when you guys speak to Sean,” said program director, Marcos Cabrera.


The mock crime he orchestrated, along with our editor, Robert Salonga, had the Mosaic staff in a fluster as we had very little time to prepare our teams and questions for a press conference with a less-than-cooperative police chief played by Webby about the capture of the “Park Pervert.” During the conference, the “police chief” would say very little about the case and his demeanor forced me to second guess my questions which in turn had me asking less. After a discouraging conference, we began writing our stories, only given twenty-five minutes to write the article,the team I was assigned to and I feverishly typed over each other on the same document, trying to make sense of the hysteria.

We were then told we could have an interview with any person we thought would help with our article. My group chose a cop who participated in the sting operation who was more cooperative than the police chief but we dropped the ball with our questioning. We didn’t even ask him for his name and didn’t mention the anonymous tip we received earlier, dismissing it as unreliable.

After our stories were done we sat back in the conference room and talked to the real Sean Webby, not his acting alter ego. Complete shift.

He went over what he liked and what he didn’t like about each publication and really shared his expertise and experiences with us. After all the stories he told I had a bit of an epiphany. Being a journalist isnt about writing news, it’s about telling stories and as a journalist you get to experience first hand, just how amazing these stores are. “Journalists have the best stories,” someone said on the way to lunch after his presentation and in all honesty it seems to be true.


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