Lights, Sirens, Journalism

By Kelly Song // Mosaic Staff Writer 

It started off as an innocent trip to Ike’s Sandwiches after another long day of hard work, stomachs growling and dark circles under our eyes. Suddenly, we caught sight of four police cars and caution tape, and two crashed cars. Following our natural “reporter” instincts, the Mosaic students took one look at each other and sprinted towards the middle of the commotion, no questions asked. Our photographers whipped out their cameras and clicked their hearts away, while the reporters (after some anxious shoulder nudging/ pushing each other) flooded the police with questions. Turns out, a young man driving southbound collided with another car, and hit a traffic light (which was uprooted from the ground and was lying on its side when we arrived). The collision took place at approximately 5:50 pm on the intersection of Second Street and E. Santa Clara Street.

Could this day get any worse for the young man? Apparently it could. According to officer Andy Wong of the San Jose Police Department, he was later sitting on the curb, waiting for tow trucks to arrive, when his wallet was stolen by two men. We found him sitting on the street, now wallet-less, with a distressed aunt and a pile of clothes in his arms. He was pointing towards an empty red car, which he believed to have belonged to the crooks.


It was a hectic day for the Mosaic family. We interviewed every possible person on sight, taking in different angles of the story and recording all possible details. With our stomachs still growling (and now fueled by an adrenaline rush), we headed to Ike’s again.

Well turns out Ike’s closed just ten minutes before we arrived. I think we can all agree this wasn’t exactly the luckiest day for everyone. We ended up eating Thai food on the floor and counting up all of our change (thank you Joe for the cash).


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