Beginning Reflections

By Calyse Tobias // Mosaic Staff Writer

In the days approaching my departure from home to the Mosaic workshop, my stomach was churning. During May, I was notified that I had been accepted to the camp. I almost started crying from excitement. I recall having felt awash in luck, and a genuinely gleeful anticipation resonating within me. I love photography. However, my passion for it, and writing, has been strained in the past year. My journalism class didn’t provide a solid or challenging development for my interests in photojournalism. I doubted whether I had the ardor left that was needed for the mosaic program.

The day of check-in, my mom drove her and I to San Jose State. As we walked up to Washburn Hall, I observed other people my age wheeling suitcases behind them as they approached the hall as well. I suddenly felt a strong desire to go home. I wanted to be positive and excited, but I felt conflicted. However, as soon as I received my room key and started making the bed in my dorm, I felt more at ease.

The turning point in my attitude occurred when the 3 photojournalists, myself included, were given their photo equipment. I felt my recently dormant excitement for photography well up in my chest once more. As we went over the settings on the cameras, I was relieved to see they were canons, the brand I am familiar with. I took this as a good sign. Photography simply makes me happy. As we practiced shooting, I felt my knowledge of cameras become refreshed.

Later that night, we took a walk around downtown. I discussed story ideas with fellow camp members. This was reassuring, as I felt we were in the experience of Mosaic together. I now am looking forward to the coming days of camp. I feel slightly nervous, but I think this is healthy.


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