A Fury in Pink

By Luisa Simpao and Haley Kim // Mosaic Staff Writers

Our first attempt at an interview resulted in complete and utter rejection. We walked to the San Jose Repertory Theater in 80 degree weather to find out more information about its closing. At first, we tried for the doors, but found that they were all were locked. We contemplated banging on the doors and creepily peering inside. Instead we walked around the building, hoping we could find people to talk to.

And we did.

Except not really.

We saw a group of about six people leaving through a back exit on third street. Seeing them, we thought, “Wow, jackpot! We didn’t think we’d see so many people to talk to.” Especially since they looked very professional and business-y.

At first, we’d simply hovered around them, slightly hesitating as to whether or not we should bother them–we later found out that they were in a meeting. However, a lady in pink turned to us with a smile, asking, “Is there anything we can help you with?”

So we mentioned that we were reporters under the Mosaic program of San Jose Mercury News. We looked to them with hopeful eyes, but she’d simply scoffed before completely turning away, condescendingly saying, “That’s nice.”

How rude.

We both gave each other a “What’s her problem” face. We then turned to talk to a nicer looking man, who had a clipboard and was wearing glasses. Although he wasn’t exactly available to talk to us, he got our contact information and gave us a name, which made us like him a thousand times more than our first contact.

After the lady, we walked over to Rosies & Posies Downtown Florist and talked to the girl working there, Madi. She was much friendlier, and was willing to answer our questions. We started to have a smidget of more confidence. Next, we walked over to Tengu Sushi and talked to one of the workers, Eugenie. She was also friendly. Apparently we just had bad luck at the beginning of our trip.

So, overall it was a semi-successful trip. We got two people to talk to us, but also experienced the sting of rejection.


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