The New Kid

_R0O0445By Bahaar Muhar // Mosaic News Staff 

I joined the Mosaic program two days late. Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE being late to anything and everything. But this one time, was an exception because I would never miss the Mosaic program even if it were the last thing I did.

I was so excited when my phone rang and I was told I was accepted into the program. I also remember that I was just as upset when I thought that I would not be able to participate because I would be in India when the program started. However, I was assured that I would still receive a spot if I came two days late.

I was happy, very happy. But then I realized that I would be late and that meant I would miss introductions, settling in, and all. I feared that I would not be able to fit in and that it would be tough to make up the work I would miss. Yet I mustered my courage at 11 pm to pack the night before and came early in the morning to settle in.

My roommate opened the door for me and I went into our little dorm. I saw my father’s face full of concern and worry as he left, but there was nothing I could say to assure him that I would be safe. I then unpacked and got to know my roommate, Luisa Simpao. She was kind and made me feel accepted right away. We then got breakfast where I met everyone else. Many others were nice; they came up to me, told me their names, and shook hands with me. Others would make me feel awkward when they asked, “Oh, are you the new girl?”

Originally, upon reading that we would have a newspaper quiz in the itinerary, I was nervous. However, only a little while later I felt like I was at home when we all read the newspaper together and everyone participated freely.

Afterwards we headed to the computer lab. All the teens sat down and got to work, but I was so lost until my editor asked me to come up with story ideas. I sat for extra time because I was so unconfident about my ideas and thought that they would be thought of as trash but instead he was happy with my work, boosting my confidence.

I then fit in like everyone else, doing work like I had not miss a single day. At lunch time, all the girls went to an Asian fusion restaurant where meat was the main course but I do not eat meat. Even then, the girls did not make me feel like a hassle and tried helping me find something to eat.

Everyone here at Mosaic is so friendly, I am glad I got the opportunity to participate this summer.



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