Day 1: Forming a Family

By: Kelly Song // Mosaic Staff Writer 

As I pulled my suitcase into the lobby (which was very hard to pack, thank you very much, considering I am girl with many unnecessary belongings), the first thing that caught my eye was the closeness of the dorm. Couches placed next to each other, a kitchen half the size of mine, only two bathrooms. It was the perfect setup for an awkward, trying-to-bond first day.

It took a while, I must admit, but we eventually opened up a bit, thanks to Jammin’ Joe and his crew. As the night wore away, so did the feeling of being strangers, and the Mosaic family tree planted its first roots in the soil. Suddenly, the dorms didn’t feel so small anymore, and I began to realize it was going to be more like my home away from home.

The door swung shut the next morning as we found ourselves sitting in a room with a man whom looked upon with confusion at first. It was soon to be discovered that this was the amazing David Early, and in one hour when the door re-opened, we had been changed. What he said to us in this room will stay only between the Mosaic students, and remain a mystery to all, but that’s the magic of it, right?

Then the pressure was on. It began with dozens of rejected topic ideas, hours at a computer, and a lot of sighing and groaning as we realized that finding a news story was not all rainbows and unicorns.

I’ve finally settled into a story idea, and it’s one I would never have imagined to be doing. It’s exciting and thrilling, yet slightly daunting at the same time. I’m just hanging on the rails of this roller coaster, but I know it will take me places I have never been before. 


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