Day 1: Diving in!

By Luisa Simpao // Mosaic Staff Writer Image

As a result of a morning swim, nearly missing a morning appointment, and an impromptu appearance at a Stanford graduation to support a friend of my mother’s daughter, the first day of Mosaic started off somewhat stressful for me.

I came to San Jose State University at around 4 o’clock following a quick Sprinkles run at the Stanford Mall. My mum, I think, was more nervous for the program than I was–my sister had come back from college only the night before and here she was sending another off to another college campus (although, only for two weeks).

Once at Washburn Hall, my mum and my sisters helped me set my room up, which for now, is only mine–my roommate is coming later–while my dad went to buy flip flops and snacks, both of which I’d forgotten at home as a result of the morning swim.

Starting the program itself, however, was not as haphazard as the earlier events of that day. Mosaic participants and their families, alongside the staff of Mosaic, enjoyed a Mexican dinner of enchiladas, rice, beans, and nacho chips–all of which were very delicious–as we listened to Joe and Marcos assure the parents that their kids were safe and scare the students with the rules and expectations of the program.

Following the short orientation, parents’ goodbyes, a reporting exercise, and a name game to introduce everyone to one another, the participants–without adult supervision–went out for a thirty-ish minute walk around downtown San Jose.

I ended up sleeping at almost two in the morning  but got up at seven. I had planned to swim at least a half-mile this morning, but the effects of a five-hour “sleep” got to me. Some of the girls went out for a coffee run to Philz Coffee while the rest of us enjoyed fruits, bagels, and oatmeal at Washburn Hall.

We are now writing up story ideas and the newspaper bios for our roommates.



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