Just another Mosaic Day

Kelly Chang // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Kelly Chang // Mosaic Staff Photographer

By Matthew Chow // Mosaic Staff Writer

Honestly, at Mosaic, no two days are the same. Random stories always come up that need reporting, or world-renown journalists come in to speak with us, or Joe leads us on excursions of San Francisco or downtown San Jose. However, the following is an example of what one might expect on any day during Mosaic:

7:55 – First phone alarm rings (but if an alarm goes off, and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?)

8:00 – Second phone alarm rings (I guess I thought having a backup alarm five minutes later would help)

8:20 – Chris’s phone alarm rings. Wake up to the slow rustling of blankets in his bed.

8:31 – After 10 minutes of debating whether to get up, trudge to the showers, where I spend the next 20 minutes fighting for the hot water with Raphael and Chris in the other stalls.

8:56 – Suit up and leave for the newsroom, while reading a crispy new copy of the Mercury News and trying not to crash into any trees or walls.

9:15 – After Elliott begs us to eat breakfast, we leave our computers and file into our makeshift breakfast room. Tensions rise over empty milk cartons or a deficiency of spoons.

9:30 – Listen to an inspiring presentation about the importance of Journalism from David Early, undergo mock interviews with a savage and abrasive Sean Webby or just get to work.

10:45 – Realize that cup of yogurt I ate wasn’t enough and return to the snack room for otterpops, Oreos, fruit snacks, Nature Valley bars, Pop-Tarts, peaches, bananas, cereal and/or more yogurt.

10:50-Noon – Keep calling, emailing and writing, occasionally checking in with Sharon, whose motherly and sweet nature warms my heart every time.

Noon – “Where are we eating for lunch?” “I dunno.” “Well we should decide…”

12:30 – “Sooo are we eating at La Vic’s?” “Nahh, we eat there almost every day. Let’s find a new place.”

1:00 – Eat at La Vic’s. Super yummy and filling.

2:00 – Back at the newsroom. Attempt to keep working and fight the inevitability of falling into what Joe calls “teenage wasteland.”

4:00 – Take a small break, visit the snack room for the fifth time that day or check up on the photographers, who are probably lounging about in the magazine room, sifting through the thousands of photos they took the day before.

5:30 – “What are we eating for dinner?”

5:31-6:29 – Work on articles/edits, chat, play online computer games with each other, watch YouTube videos, work on Mercury News Sudoku puzzles and host chair races in the newsroom.

6:30 – “No seriously, what are we eating for dinner?”

7:00 – Wander through sketchy San Jose residential streets, searching for a Thai restaurant of which nobody bothered checking the location.

7:30 – Eat dinner while watching Raphael or Iris or Winston test the limits of their toleration for spicy food.

9:00-11:00 – Host ping pong tournaments, sing karaoke, impersonate Christopher Walken, watch movies and eat snacks.

11:00-1:00 – Gather in the common room and watch a movie on the tiny screen of Katie’s laptop.

1:00 – Discuss ghost/spirit stories, the philosophy and psychology of attraction or anything else that comes to mind.

1:34 – Hear a shriek from the girl’s room. Another cockroach sighted.

1:35-1:45 – Chris, Raphael, and I hunt down cockroaches in the laundry room while the girls watch through the window in the door.

1:40-3:00 – Descent into insanity and exhaustion. More ghost stories and cockroach episodes.

3:00 – Vaguely remember walking back to my room and passing out on the bed.


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