Day 3: Wildly unproductive

Jonae Scott // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Jonae Scott // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Matthew Chow plays the piano in the morning at Washburn Hall.

By Katie Martin // Mosaic Staff Writer

This has been a wildly unproductive day.

So far I have managed to kill four hours simply by checking my email every two minutes, scanning through a ton of articles online, reading the entirety of the Wednesday Mercury News’ front section, eating Nutella and raspberries, and now, writing a blog post.

Between this, though, I’ve been calling and sending emails to a variety of folks in an effort to make some progress on my stories. Once again, I’m nervous.

I’ve abandoned the farm story. No one ever responded to the messages and emails I left over a three-day span.

I’ve picked up the Social Thinking story. The clinic doesn’t open again until tomorrow, so I’ll have to call immediately in the morning and work quickly the article. All of the therapists I’ve ever met are extremely kind, so I think (perhaps too optimistically) that they might find time to meet with me sometime on Friday.

I’m going to Google tomorrow for lunch. The question of photography is still up in the air. Although the employee accompanying me said it would be okay, according to the security personnel he consulted, I’ve tried to go through press management just to verify. I don’t want to get thrown out of the cafeteria while enjoying my delicious Google lunch.

So here’s hoping luck is on my side tomorrow. I’ll certainly need it.


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