Day 3: Slowly but surely

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Chris Moreno works on story assignments at his desk in the Spartan Daily Newsroom.

By Chris Moreno // Mosaic Staff Writer

All my contacts have been shutting me out except for John Ryan which I got a decent amount of info from but I still need a lot more if I’m going to finish this story by deadline.

I really hope I can get the interview with the marathon middle school boy tomorrow so I can write about that for the NY times contest entry (that happens to be my AP HW)

My money is slowly ending I’m down to 33$ but luckily if I need anymore money I brought some of my own.  I’ve eaten Jack and the Box twice in a 3 day span but I love jack so I’m not too upset even though I rather be eating at different places around town while I can.

It’s not a Mosaic blog post unless you mention cockroaches so let’s all hope we don’t see any from now on because killing those things is tiring work especially since I’m not getting paid!


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