Day 2: Over the awkwardness

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Mahima Dutt // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Mosaic students relax in Washburn Lounge over a game of ping pong.

By Raphael Santa Maria // Mosaic Staff Writer

Upon arriving at Washburn Hall, I’ve met many a great people that interested in the same things that I’m into – for the most part. I don’t think I’ll ever meet anyone that has a passion for Christopher Walken’s accent quite like I do.

But all jokes aside, my co-reporters and photographers are really nice and fun to be around. It’s like I’ve known them for so long already. I’m glad we all got over the infamous first day awkwardness. It’s very interesting getting to know one another and what we’re all writing about because everyone seems to be passionate about what their topic is.

The stress of finding people to interview and making our articles work out is already kicking in, and it seems as if no amount of Red Bull or La Vic’s can alleviate it. But the hard work will all pay off in the end, I’m sure of it.

Other than that, all is well. I haven’t seen any cockroaches in my dorm. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I actually encounter one. I suppose as long as my roommate “#Winning” Winston’s in the dorm, he’ll WIN the critter to death as it’s proven to be more effective than common pesticides.


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