Day 1: Hopeful with a side of jitters

Jonae Scott // Mosaic Staff Photographer

Jonae Scott // Mosaic Staff Photographer

By Sindhu Ravuri // Mosaic Staff Writer

As I stepped amidst 17 unknown faces on a completely unfamiliar college campus, countless butterflies taunted the acidic walls of my knotted stomach. My confidence and composure became as frail and diminutive as an insect. Frankly, I wasn’t sure what to expect here, who I would see, and what this entire experience would pan out to be. After hearing Joe’s introduction of the program, the only question my cluttered brain could even digest was, “How am I going to survive this?” However, after merely spending one day with the Mosaic class of 2013, I feel as hopeful as ever.

Bonding over a quirky name-game, deathly fear of bathroom cockroaches, and an aimless roam throughout downtown San Jose (where we heard profanity being echoed from the nearby nightclubs), the eighteen of us, spanning from different heritages, backgrounds, and lives, all united based on a singular common passion — journalism. And it gets better.

One and a half hours with David Early. That’s all it took for my life to completely change. Okay, maybe that’s slightly dramatic, but his discussion nonetheless transformed my outlook on what the core of journalism even is. Specifically, listening to him describe journalism as the “privilege” of taking someone’s experiences, trauma, joy, everything, really, to portray it in such a way which does justice to that very person who was able to so candidly open up their heart to you made me feel honored to be affiliated with this profession. Plus, his anecdotes were just hilariously priceless.

Moreover, the first story that I will get to be doing here (my dream story!) with editors as experienced and approachable as the ones which will constantly be here with us, helping us every step along the way, is a journey which I know I will inevitably enjoy. I simply cannot wait to dive straight into it, despite the less-than-ideal bathrooms. Now, does this mean that I am not even slightly nervous or afraid of the daunting deadlines, heavy interviews, and hardcore journalism that is to come with Mosaic? Not in the slightest. But, then again, I am beyond excited, to say the least.


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